Ice Plant Design and Installations

We specialize in the design and installation of new ice plant facilities as well as additions and renovation of existing facilities. Our industry experience helps us to understand the unique challenges faced by ice plant manufacturers. Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., will work with you through the entire process starting with a thorough needs analysis and CAD design. Our specialist design team will ensure that the plant is laid out for optimum efficiency and productivity, taking everything into account including equipment requirements, piping, plumbing and electrical engineering. Sizing the equipment correctly is critical to the success of the operation. We focus on taking both the current operational requirements and future growth potential into consideration.

Our technical team will work closely with you to ensure that the plant produces the highest quality packaged ice with the least amount of equipment and minimum maintenance. Installations are overseen by an experienced project team who work closely with the contractor, subcontractors and installers every step of the way. Finally, we will train your operations and maintenance crew to ensure that the plant runs smoothly, efficiently and most importantly that it meets the goals for which it was built.

Whether you need a complete installation or simply the plant CAD design, Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., is available to help your company run a productive and efficient operation.

Customized Palletizing Solutions

Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., designs, manufactures and installs custom palletizing solutions to fit the unique requirements of the packaged ice industry. Our experienced in-house professionals take care of your project from design to installation. Our engineers are experienced at developing turnkey solutions that enable our clients to achieve their production goals whilst reducing their overall maintenance and labor costs. We continuously strive to provide innovative solutions that adhere to the strictest quality standards. We supply leading-edge material handling, packaging and filling technology products as well as intelligent software controls. This plus our first class service and warranty make Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., the first choice for customized ice palletizing solutions.

Custom Control Panels

Ice Systems & Supplies Inc., provides automated manufacturing system solutions to the packaged ice industry. Our engineers are skilled at identifying cost-effective solutions in a variety of control systems applications. They will begin the process with a thorough consultation to understand each client’s critical needs and goals. Complete fabrication is done in-house utilizing cost-efficient and lean-manufacturing fabrication techniques. Our services do not end there and extend to testing, training and installation as well as on-going technical support.

Custom Screw Conveyors

Ice Systems & Supplies, Inc. has been supplying quality material handling solutions to the packaged ice industry for over thirty years. Whether you require stainless steel or galvanized steel, we can supply or custom engineer and manufacture screw conveyors according to your specifications.

Each conveyor is designed to meet your unique requirements and built according to exact specifications. Diameters include 9”, 12”, 14” and 16”. We fabricate custom screw conveyors that meet the highest manufacturing standards. Our design engineers will design a solution to fit your exact application and help you achieve maximum productivity. A custom solution will ultimately serve your operations more effectively